Trust and Estate Law Since 1988

Bonnie K. Bishop with DogBonnie grew up surrounded by lawyers. Her father, grandfathers, uncles, and great grandfather were all practicing attorneys in Oklahoma. With multiple generations of attorneys coming before her, Bonnie became the first woman in her family to become an attorney. When telling this story, however, Bonnie warns that these were not men sitting in corner offices with big glass windows involved in high-level negotiations or high-profile litigation. Dinner-table talk was about car crashes, messy divorces, driving under the influence, and other legal matters affecting ordinary people.

In 1977, graduate school in history gave Bonnie the opportunity to move across the country to Berkeley. Eventually, however, Bonnie decided to pursue the family profession of law. She earned her Juris Doctorate at University of California, Hastings College of the Law in 1988. In 1995, she became recognized by the State Bar of California as a certified specialist in estate planning, probate, and trust law. She is proud to have held this credential for twenty years as of 2015.

Bonnie has been a frequent speaker to East Bay organizations on the topic of estate planning. For 16 years, she spoke each year through the U.C. Berkeley Retirement Center about estate planning to staff and faculty nearing retirement. Turning a somewhat dry topic into a lively presentation, Bonnie has presented estate-planning seminars in song, verse, dance, and drama.