Probate Administration

Probate AdministrationProbate can be a slow, time-consuming, impersonal, expensive process. A qualified attorney can make the process run smoothly.

Probate is a court-supervised process to pay creditors and to transfer the property of a person who has died to those entitled to the property. If the decedent made a Last Will and Testament, then the Will names the beneficiaries. If the decedent died without a Last Will and Testament, then the recognized heirs of the decedent are set by California law.

With the popularity of revocable trusts, which avoid probate, fewer people are using a Last Will and Testament to plan for the transfer of property after death. That said, many people fail to make any estate plan and die without any Will or Trust. This is referred to as “intestate.” Others prefer a Will to a revocable living trust because it is a simpler document.

Bonnie has handled many probate administrations during her legal career. While she practices primarily in Alameda County and Contra Costa County courts, she has handled probate administration in counties throughout California.

Executors have a high level of responsibility to the court and to the beneficiaries in the matter. Bonnie makes certain that her clients understand the probate process, what the court requires, and how to handle the many tasks of probate–collecting and valuing assets, selling real property, accounting to the court, paying taxes of the decedent, distributing to beneficiaries.