Lessons from Experience

Over many years of practice, Bonnie has seen that as people age, it becomes increasingly difficult to be confident in one’s own decision-making ability, especially the most important decisions.

  • Make your estate plan before the effects of age cause decision-making to be unduly stressful, even impossible.
  • An estate plan is not a last attempt to resolve lifelong rivalry among your children. If you have adult children who do not get along well or have very different working styles, think carefully before you name them to act together to make important decisions for you during your lifetime or to settle your estate when you have passed away.
  • Every adult in California can benefit from an Advance Health Care Directive and a Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions.
  • Even if you are not wealthy, a simple Will is a useful document. For a very simple form of Will, California provides for a Statutory Will Form which is available at the State Bar of California website.

In estate planning, something is almost always better than nothing.